It’s Time to Use Your Imagination With Bluetooth Trackers. We Did.

The tiny tags are typically used to find valuables like house keys, but they are far more versatile than that. By Brian X. Chen This week, I’m asking readers to engage in an admittedly odd exercise: to use our imaginations with Bluetooth trackers. Sounds weird, right? Bluetooth trackers are those tiny tags that help you find […]

Huawei’s Communist Culture Limits its Global Ambitions

The Chinese telecom giant seeks acceptance in the West, but its structure and value system — patterned after China’s ruling party — could stand in the way. By Li Yuan The Huawei Technologies founder Ren Zhengfei once recommended that his senior executives watch a TV series called “Proof of Identity.”In that 2009 series, a Communist spy who […]

Qualcomm Pegs Payment From Apple at $4.5 Billion to $4.7 Billion

By Reuters Qualcomm will book a one-time payment of $4.5 billion to $4.7 billion next quarter from its settlement with Apple in a patent battle, the mobile chip maker said Wednesday as it reported its quarterly earnings. It was the first time investors got a look at how the agreement will help Qualcomm’s bottom line, and […]

Facebook Set to Create Privacy Positions as Part of F.T.C. Settlement

By Cecilia Kang WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission is negotiating a settlement with Facebook that would create new positions at the company focused on strengthening its privacy practices, according to two people with knowledge of the talks. Facebook has agreed to create a privacy committee to protect its users’ data, as well as an external […]

The Future of A.I., According to Three New Books

By Rachel Riederer THE CREATIVITY CODEArt and Innovation in the Age of A.I.By Marcus Du Sautoy Du Sautoy, a British mathematician, wants to answer the question: “Can computers be creative?” He parses the actions involved in creativity — exploring, combining and transforming — and reveals the history of A.I. through the turning points in which machine […]

Wayson Choy, 80, Whose Books Are Windows on Chinese-Canadian Life, Dies

By Daniel E. Slotnik Wayson Choy, who wrote of the Chinese-Canadian experience in memoirs and novels like “The Jade Peony,” which became a mainstay in Canadian classrooms and led to a revelation about the writer’s own past, died on April 28 at his home in Toronto. He was 80. Denise Bukowski, Mr. Choy’s agent, said the […]

What Happened to Harper Lee’s Unpublished True Crime Book?

By Alexandra Alter There are two intertwined mysteries at the heart of “Furious Hours,” Casey Cep’s meticulously researched narrative about an Alabama preacher accused of multiple murders, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who tried and failed to tell his story. The first section of the book, a spellbinding true crime story, follows the Rev. Willie Maxwell, […]

Which Tech Company Is Uber Most Like? Its Answer May Surprise You

By Mike Isaac SAN FRANCISCO — Pop quiz: Which technology company does Uber, the ride-hailing giant on the cusp of an initial public offering, consider itself to be the most like? Is it Lyft, its rival North American ride-hailing firm? Nope. How about Didi Chuxing, Uber’s equivalent in China? Nah. It’s Amazon, the e-commerce giant. On the […]

Tesla Looks to Regain Its Luster in Solar Energy by Slashing Prices

By Ivan Penn and Peter Eavis Tesla, which lost its status as the nation’s leading rooftop solar company last year, says it has figured out how to get back in the game — by slashing prices. The company plans to announce on Tuesday that it has started selling solar panels and related equipment for up to 16 percent […]