How Big Tobacco Got a New Generation Hooked

It’s using the slick, high-tech disguise of vaping. By Alex Bogusky Twenty years ago, as a creative director, I helped create a commercial for the Truth campaign to introduce its effort to prevent cigarette smoking by young people. The spot was simply footage of tobacco executives all testifying, “I believe nicotine is not addictive.” All we did […]

The Myth of Testosterone

It is not the “male sex hormone,” nor is it the key to athletic performance. Why do we insist otherwise? By Katrina Karkazis and Rebecca M. Jordan-Young his article has been updated to reflect news developments. On Wednesday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that female athletes with naturally elevated levels of testosterone could not compete as women unless they […]

The Passion, and the Risks, of Mountaineering

A Sunday Review article asked “Are Mountain Climbers Selfish?” Readers respond. To the Editor: Re “Are Mountain Climbers Selfish?” (Sunday Review, April 28): Francis Sanzaro’s opinion that alpinists “can’t fall out of love” with climbing is undeniably true. Climbers spend very little time worrying or even considering their death; they are in it for the grace, beauty […]

When One of the World’s Most Visible Athletes Is Told She Can’t Be One

I wish we heard more about women’s spectacular victories than their testosterone. By Lindsay Crouse Just two days after a rule was upheld that would prevent her from competing in her best event, Caster Semenya cruised to a victory over an elite field in the 800 meters in Doha on Friday. It was a fitting — […]

Men Invented ‘Likability.’ Guess Who Benefits.

It was pushed by Madison Avenue and preached by self-help gurus. Then it entered politics. By Claire Bond Potter If the supposedly unlikable Hillary Clinton didn’t break the highest, hardest glass ceiling in 2016, she made enough cracks in it to encourage others to try again: Six women are competing for the Democratic nomination today. But guess what? […]